February 2018

The Power of Print Issue

© Vicky Papas Vergara

This month, we dedicated the pages of Rf to explore ways to empower your business and creative growth with print. Inside the Power of Print Issue, find a guide to choosing the perfect print material for your photo and advice from top photo labs on what should be doing for color before you hit print. John Michael Cooper shares his “pay it forward” initiative, gifting other photographers with family portraits—photographers, after all, often prioritize other people’s important portraits over ones for themselves.

We also asked WPPI award-winning photographers to dissect their paper and print choices when it came time to submit to The Annual 16 x 20 Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition (and we included commentary from master printmaker Jonathan Penney). Vicky Papas Vergara was one of those photographers—she shot this image, titled “Miss Mathilda and Daisy,” which went on to win first place in the The Annual’s Children category last year. “Understanding how to print will make you a better photographer,” Vergara says. “You’ll start to see your images in a more technical light and understand the nature of your work.”

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