March 2017

The Lighting Issue

© Nick Fancher

Lighting can often make or break an image. It’s the key ingredient photographers can shape and control to create imagery that meets their aesthetic liking, which is why we’ve dedicated our March issue to the delicate craft. This month, we not only dissect the tools that deliver light—like breaking down the must-know details about LEDs, flash gels and drone lighting—but we also got six photographers with distinct styles to tell us how they craft light to produce their respective looks, from punchy to painterly to polished and anywhere in between. Included among them is Columbus, Ohio-based Nick Fancher, who captured this month’s vibrant cover image.

“All three Cactus RF60 flashes were unmodified and zoomed out to 24mm,” Fancher says of the shot. “The main light was to the left and set back to light the whole scene with colorless light.” One accent light gelled orange was on the left and another gelled cyan was on the right.

We’ve also filled the pages of this month’s issue with legal advice for street photography, a fun Q&A with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, an in-depth look at the life and style of commercial and editorial shooter Cody Pickens, the winners’ gallery from Rf’s Best Friends photography contest as well as reviews of the latest high-capacity storage drives.