June 2016

The Filmmaking Issue

© Miller Mobley

As more and more clients request video and multimedia packages, we decided to turn to the experts to answer some of the most important and most asked questions about motion work. In the June issue, we explore topics like broadening your filmmaking skill set, cost-saving gear and savvy ways to upsell video. You’ll also find interviews with award-winning cinematographers and video editors to learn their techniques and secrets for streamlining the video process.

And for those not pursuing motion work right now, our June issue is also packed with interviews from photographers like our cover shooter Miller Mobley, whose burgeoning editorial portfolio of celebrity portraiture includes timeless film icons like cover subject Christopher Walken (Note: this image was originally commissioned by The Hollywood Reporter).

“I remember setting up our lights, doing a test and then waiting for him to arrive,” recalls Mobley of the cover shoot. “A few minutes later, I heard the Walken voice down the hallway and knew the shoot was about to happen. It was a cool moment knowing that I was about to photograph such an iconic, memorable actor.”