February 2016

The Presentation Issue

© Sue Bryce

If you’re headed to WPPI in March, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve featured a gorgeous photo from marketing genius and keynote speaker Sue Bryce on our cover of The Presentation Issue this month! Her talk, “Amp Up Your In Person Sales,” fits nicely within our February issue, in which we offer up the top trends in printing, from fancy packaging to popular materials to framing options and paper choices. We also have specific case studies from four different studios around the country—including Vanessa Joy and Jerry Ghionis—on how they implement personal touches to their print packages.

This issue also includes content from Dan Martensen, who shot portraits of the six Angulo brothers and their wild creativity before they become known as “The Wolfpack” for his new book. We’ve also rounded up the best apps and services to help streamline your business, and lighting techniques from portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler.