November 2017

The 30 Rising Stars Issue

© Marianne Chua

It’s that time of year to announce Rangefinder‘s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2017! While years past have been marked by dark styles, epic drama and film-like palettes, this year, we observed a return to true documentary. Cameras that once hung back to catch sweeping landscapes are coming closer, showing people’s raw emotions, silly expressions and subtle interactions, all to convey—as much as possible—a sort of tangibility of what a wedding really felt like. Each of the 30 photographers, of course, has a signature aesthetic twist. Take Marianne Chua, for instance, who shot our cover—she’s not about extraneous elements, and all about those authentic facial expressions.

In addition to November’s 30 Rising Stars gallery, this month brings the winners of The Body, our contest that celebrates photography of the human figure, our Photographer You Should Know Olivia Locher, lighting breakdowns from Angela Marklew and how Jerry Ghionis learned that sometimes, more is more when it comes to client composites. Read it all here.