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WPPI Sneak Peek: Joe Switzer Serves Up a Reality Check for the "Average Joe" Filmmaker

March 6, 2016

By RF Staff

Joe Switzer is a cinematographer based in Kirkwood, Missouri. He travels around the world shooting video for weddings, engagements, proposals, and also teaching his trade. At WPPI, he will be teaching a four-day intensive filmmaking lesson starting March 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Photo © Joe Switzer

Photos © Joe Switzer

Can you tell us what WPPI members can expect to learn from your filmmaking lessons this year?

Joe Switzer: We will cover the top five ways to set yourself up for success as a filmmaker. You will learn about business, editing, filming, and most importantly how to be successful in the most competitive environments.  

What new lessons are you incorporating into your presentation this year?

JS: It's really a reality check. I say that not to be negative and make anyone feel like they can’t film for a Fortune 500 company or work with celebrities—I certainly know it's possible. This year my messaging is focused on getting back to real-life situations; helping filmmakers in small towns, normal customers, even larger companies that most other filmmakers never gave the time of day. The opportunities are right in front of us!

Why do you think so many photographers are taking up filmmaking and adding it to their repertoire?

JS: Photographers are slowly seeing the light. In the past, photographers were overwhelmed with their own photo business and not willing to even entertain the thought of adding video. The majority of filmmakers think they don’t need to add photography. I’m here to tell you the flood gates have opened and the next generation will be offering both services under one brand. Now more than ever clients expect professional photography and filmmaking for corporate and weddings. Wake up call, folks! Double your revenue, gain more control and give your customers what they want.

Photo © Joe Switzer

What gets you excited about this topic?  

JS: So many of my friends have quit their filmmaking business. Over the last year I’ve never seen so many filmmakers give up and quit. It's time to help the "Average Joe's” and rally the o’grapher troops! Video is bigger than ever and it's accelerating. Get in this game and stay in it!

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