Tech Tuesday: New CamRanger PT Hub Puts Your Camera in Motion

December 3, 2013

By RF Staff

These days, it's not unusual to use a mobile app or your computer to adjust camera settings and trigger the shutter during a shoot.

But CamRanger—a company known for its wireless camera control device of the same name—just took remote DSLR shooting a step further. Put together the CamRanger and the new CamRanger PT Hub device with an MP-360 motorized tripod head (including the MP-101 and those from Bescor and Hague) and you have an affordable method or wireless controlling camera movement via the iOS or Android CamRanger app. (Wireless control using your computer is also possible.)


In addition to remote operation of the camera—setting adjustments, touch focus, video and still capture, to name just a few functions—this combination of devices allow you to remotely pan and tilt the camera. Plus, the motorized tripod head's tilt can be adjusted up or down by 15 degrees. For fine tuning, the device can be programmed to move in increments of about 0.1 degrees. Diagonal movement is supported and the motorized head's speed can be controlled by the user. The head supports up to 6 pounds and is powered by four AA batteries, so it's convenient for location shooting. You can switch to AC power in the studio.

Looking at the specs, we can imagine multiple uses for this combination of devices—panoramas, of course, time lapse (and motion time lapse), bulb ramping and the opportunity to add creativity to your videos without a relatively huge investment.

The CamRanger wireless camera control device is available now, while the PT Hub and the MP-360 start shipping in the middle of December.

For more information visit While you're there, check out the camera support page to ensure that your Canon or Nikon DSLR is supported. We've listed the standard prices below but CamRanger is currently holding a sale so now might be a good time to treat yourself to some new gear.


CamRanger:  from $300

PT Hub and MP-360: $230

PT Hub: $100

MP-360: $130