On the Move? The MeVIDEO Is a Travel-Friendly Video Tripod

November 14, 2017

By Theano Nikitas

There’s a new kid in tripod town and it’s brought to you by the same folks who launched the MeFOTO line of tripods. But unlike its still photo sibling, this is an all-new family of tripods designed especially for videographers.

MeVIDEO’s Globe Trotter tripod exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter and is slated to ship in January 2018. The tripod looks very cool and is available in either aluminum of carbon fiber, in black or titanium.

Beyond slick looks, the Globe Trotter has reverse folding legs that, when folded up, measure 18-inches (with the head removed). The four-section legs use rubberized twist locks for quick and easy set up and break down. Each leg also has three individual locking positions so it can be placed on uneven surfaces. At the bottom of each leg, you’ll find integrated stainless steel spikes. When you don’t need the spikes, they retract into the rubber feet.

Need a monopod? No problem. Just unscrew the center column and attach it to the padded leg.

Image courtesy of MeVIDEO/Mac Group USA.

The tripod has an adjustable center column that splits for those how-low-can-you-go-shots (minimum height is 7.7 inches). With the column retracted, maximum height is 53-inches. Extend the column to reach 65.7 inches.

Image courtesy of MeVIDEO/Mac Group USA.


Equipped with a fluid head that uses a sliding video quick release plate with a registration pin and two rubber pads, leveling is quite simple. There are three steel, ratchet style adjustment knobs for leveling, as well as pan and tilt locks. The pan arm can be set up for right-handers or southpaws. For versatility, the head can be removed and mounted on compatible sliders, jibs and half ball adapters, among other accessories.

Image courtesy of MeVIDEO/Mac Group USA.

The Globe Trotter supports up to 8.8 pounds, comes with ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 camera screws and a padded carrying case. A couple of different kits are available and are priced from $549. The tripod itself is estimated to retail for $499 (aluminum) and $699 for the carbon fiber model. By the time you read this, the Kickstarter is probably over but visit the fundraising page for some video demos and to see if you can still get the discounted price.