WPPI News: G-Tech Jumps on USB-C Train with new Portable Storage Drive

March 7, 2016

By RF Staff

USB storage solutions are undergoing a great migration from the traditional USB connector to the new, smaller and faster USB Type-C--first introduced on Apple's MacBook. The latest storage vendor to jump on the USB-C bandwagon is G-Technology.

The company's new G-DRIVE, introduced at the WPPI Show, offers 1TB worth of hard drive storage and taps USB-C's faster speed to deliver 136MB/s data transfer rates. It ships with one USB Type-C to Type C cable, if you've already migrated your hardware over to the new standard. If you haven't, there's also a USB-C-to-Type-A adapter included so you can still use the drive with the older USB port.

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The 7,200 RPM hard drive is housed in a thin, beveled aluminum case and draws power from its USB connector, so you don't need to mess with external power adapters.


It will be sold in gold, space gray or silver. They're formatted out-of-the-box for Mac but can be reformatted for Windows users via a free software download from the G-Tech website. 

The 1TB drive will retail for $130 and ships this month.

G-Technology is introducing 2TB and 3TB G-DRIVEs featuring USB 3.0 connections. The drives retail for $130 (2TB) and $180 (3TB).

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