SanDisk Is Making a 1TB SD Card

September 20, 2016

By RF Staff

There are only three sure things in this world: death, taxes and the steady increase in memory capacities.

The SDXC card format has a maximum theoretical limit of 2TB and at Photokina 2016, SanDisk pushed us another step closer to that end with a prototype 1TB SD card.


We don’t know when SanDisk will have the card ready for commercial distribution, but we do know why they’re making it: to keep pace with today’s new memory-intensive imaging applications, such as virtual reality, 4K resolution and higher video and ultra-high resolution digital cameras.

It was two years ago that SanDisk (now owned by Western Digital) released a 512GB card, so we’re roughly following Moore’s Law in terms of memory capacity if SanDisk can deliver a 1TB card soon.

That 512GB card sells for $600 now, so you’re going to pay up for the 1TB version. Better start turning over those couch cushions...