Zenfolio’s Mobile Viewing for Clients [Tech Tuesday]

June 30, 2015

By RF Staff

With its new Photo Moments app, Zenfolio has made it easy for clients to view, download and share their photos from your Zenfolio galleries. Don't worry, though, you have total control over what your clients see and how much access they have.


Here's how it works: You set up a gallery, then email clients with a link so they can download and install the app to access their photos. You can choose what images to include in the gallery and how much (or how little) access you want to allow. For example, downloading and social media sharing can be enabled or disabled. If you're okay with clients downloading certain images, you can choose the download resolution from two options, including low-res. Both can be watermarked. You can also choose to allow the download of the original file, however, this cannot be watermarked.

For social media sharing, you have the option to individually enable or disable each platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The options are there if you want them, but you can protect your images while providing a pleasant viewing environment for clients that includes thumbnails, individual display images and slideshows. And, Zenfolio is planning on adding a "Favorites" feature so clients can give you feedback about which images they prefer.

The Photo Moments app is a good way to connect with your clients on a number of levels. For one, it gives them an opportunity to view images on iOS or Android devices so they can easily show off the photos when they're out and about with family and friends (and possibly help bring in new business for you). The app can be branded with your logo and also used to communicate via email with your clients. Think about sending a promotional offer when you invite them to download the app.

The app is free and it's really a nice added value to your clients—you'll need a Zenfolio account, of course.