Tech Tuesday—Triggertrap Flash Adapter Preview

July 2, 2013

By RF Staff

If Harold "Doc" Edgerton, the father of high-speed flash photography, were alive today, he'd certainly be intrigued by Triggertrap's new Flash Adapter. As a follow-up to its Triggertrap Mobile DSLR shutter trigger, the company released a new device and an updated app to remotely fire up to two flashguns.

The Triggertrap Flash Adapter TT-FA1. © Triggertrap

Triggertrap promises speeds up to 12 times faster than before ("improved from 60 milliseconds to as low as 5 milliseconds depending on the device used," writes Imaging Insider).

All you need is a hotshoe-equipped flash, the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and the updated iOS app to pop the flash. You can set the mobile app to trigger the flash using one of its special mechanisms such as sound or shock/vibration, during a long exposure.

The sound of this balloon popping triggered the flash remotely. © Gabe Toth

If you already have the Mobile Dongle, the Flash Adapter will set you back another $30 (the app is free on the Apple Store). Otherwise you can pick up a kit with everything you need for around $60. The combo is an affordable, convenient method of incorporating high-speed flash into your shoots.