Tech Tuesday—Part II: onOne Software Announces Perfect Photo Suite 8

September 10, 2013

By RF Staff

suite8-PREM-leftonOne Software has announced version 8 of its Perfect Photo Suite software with new modules, features and enhancements. New modules include Perfect Enhance, with basic adjustments such as brightness and contrast adjustment, color cast removal, sharpening and more for core adjustments. There's also a new Browser module for direct viewing and accessing images from a broad range of sources so no matter where your files are stored—hard drive, connected network or the Cloud—without leaving the Suite.

Other additions/improvements include the new Perfect Erase, which uses content-aware fill technology to paint away unwanted objects. Presets are now customizable and version 8 offers a Perfect Batch utility, twice as many filters in the Effects module including new adjustable filters such as HDR Look  Grunge and Vintage, to name just a few. Easier mask creation, Performance has , and customizable presets. And, among other improvements, RAW file handling has been tweaked to deliver faster processing. And, onOne has added RAW support for more cameras. That's just a quick glance at what you can expect on November 26 when the software will be available.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 is cross-platform and comes in three editions, all of which operate as a standalone application. Premium, is also compatible with Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom and Elements. If you don't need to work with Perfect Suite in Photoshop, there's also a separate version for Lightroom and Aperture. The least expensive option, the Standard version, only works as a standalone program.

Pre-orders can be placed immediately for any of the software's three editions. New users will have immediate access for Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 and a free upgrade to version 8. Customers who purchased Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 on or after August 1, 2013 will also receive a complimentary upgrade to version 8 when it's available. And, if you pre-order the Premium version before September 19, you'll receive a free copy of The Essential Video Guide to Perfect Photo Suite 8. onOne will release a free beta download of the software in October. For more details about the software and to sign up for the beta, please visit onOne's site.


Premium: $180 full/$100 upgrade

Lightroom/Aperture: $130 full/$80 upgrade

Standard: $80