Tech Tuesday: Anthropics PortraitPro v12—Updated and On Sale!

March 18, 2014

By RF Staff

Despite a slight name change from Portrait Professional to PortraitPro, version 12 of this excellent portrait retouching and sculpting software features some interesting and useful updates.

For example, the new face re-lighting option allows you to adjust lighting to enhance your subject's look, whether you want to transform a simply lit image into a more dramatic portrait or just help picture him or her in a better light. New Clearskin4 technology helps maintain texture when banishing skin imperfections, delivering a more realistic and less plastic look.

Facial sculpting tools have been improved as well, so you can more easily refine facial features. PortraitPro 12 is also equipped with new and more advanced controls for adding makeup, perfecting eyes and teeth, and more. Other enhancements of note include expanded controls for color correction and more accurate facial feature identification, including age and gender detection. Better yet, the entire process is about four time faster, helping you speed through your workflow even more efficiently.


We love version 11's portrait retouching capabilities, but PortraitPro 12 is even more impressive. For a limited time this cross-platform software is on sale for $50—that's 50% off and a really good deal. If you have any doubts, download the trial version first, but for $50—or even its regular $100 price—PortraitPro 12 will pay for itself in no time.

V12 boxshot 600x2000-1