RAW Deal: You Can Now Edit RAW Images on Your iPhone in Lightroom Mobile

July 13, 2016

By RF Staff

If there's one feature many Lightroom Mobile users have been asking for lo these many years, it's for the ability to transfer and edit RAW images on their iOS device. With Lightroom Mobile 2.4, that wish is now a reality.


With the 2.4 iOS update, users can transfer RAW image files from their cameras to an Apple device via Apple’s camera connection kit or an SD-to-Lightning card reader. Imported files are added to your camera roll, where they can be accessed and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

The mobile app can edit the same RAW files as those supported in the desktop software. (Don't you wish you bought the iPhone with the most internal memory?)

Aside from RAW capability, Lightroom Mobile for iOS 2.4 brings the ability to perform local adjustments with linear and radial selections so users can either add or modify existing selections made to photos and use the tools to draw attention to certain parts of an image.

The app also adds support for keyboard shortcuts when using physical keyboards attached to iPads.

Lightroom for Android is also being updated to v. 2.1. It brings:

  • A new Pro mode for the built-in camera with control over shutter speed, ISO, white balance and manual focus in a new interface.
  • A new camera widget for direct camera access.
  • Improved functionality to export full-resolution files. If the files are available somewhere within the Lightroom ecosystem, Lightroom for Android will now download the full-resolution version and enable users to export them.

Both versions are available to download now from their respective app stores.

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