Portrait Perfection with Anthropics PortraitPro and PortraitPro Body

December 26, 2017

By Theano Nikitas

Anthropics’ PortraitPro (now in version 17) and PortraitPro Body (now in version 2) offer photographers of all genres a quick and easy method of tweaking subjects to realistic perfection. Well, realistic as long as you’re not too heavy-handed with the adjustment sliders.

PortraitPro 17, like earlier versions of this face retouching software, comes in several different flavors including Standard, Studio and Studio Max. I prefer the latter especially since the latest iteration includes batch processing.

(c) Theano Nikitas

Version 17 seems a bit faster overall and more accurate in the application’s initial facial features selection.

(c) Theano Nikitas

New features include the ability to create, save and live preview presets (some presets are already included).

(c) Theano Nikitas

And, you can also take and save snapshots during the editing process so you can return to whichever one(s) you like best and continue working.

Look for more makeup options, better tanning controls and a new sharpen tool to help bring out textures, along with a vignette . There’s also an option—with a number of handy tools—to mask out the background and replace it with a plain or gradient color or even an image of your choice.

Image courtesy of Anthropics.

Complementing this software is PortraitPro Body 2. In addition to speed and accuracy improvements, the software now features a new tool: Warp Fixer. This adjusts those straight lines that were warped during body adjustments. Although the new Lite Mode, which allows you to do some basic facial adjustments like skin smoothing, won’t replace PortraitPro 17, it does give you some tools for quick touch-ups even when you’re not applying any body shaping.

Image courtesy of Anthropics.

And, finally, PortraitPro Body 2 can be used as a Smart Filter in Adobe Photoshop so you can go back and tweak your adjustments.

All in all, updates to both applications are important enough to upgrade—or at least download a free trial, especially if you haven’t played around with them before.

Both applications are available for Mac and Windows and are on sale for 50 percent off so you can pick up each starting at $40. Go here to see the different editions, features and pricing for PortraitPro 17 and here for PortraitPro Body 2.