Pixellu Makes Smart Album Software Even Smarter

July 31, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

Pixellu is updating its album building software to give photographers more control and greater editing tools.

The software will now support single page design, allowing users to work on one page of a spread. If you like the spread, you can take advantage of a new spread mirroring function to quickly replicate it.

Spread mirroring in action.

You can also make edits to color tones and perform black-and-white conversions in Smart Albums. The text tool has been enhanced to support multi-line text.

Text can now drop down to a second line.
Pretty cool.

Beyond the new features, the software has been tweaked to improve performance and has a new interface.

Smart Albums is available as a subscription starting at $17/month, though you can shave off 25 percent if you buy between now and August 6.