Anthropics Launches PortraitPro 15 Retouching Software

September 18, 2015

By RF Staff

Anthropics has just rolled out the latest version of its portrait retouching software, PortraitPro 15.

The new release has a slew of new features and adds support for high-resolution monitors and Apple Retina displays.


Among the new features is a makeup control function. Based on researched into how real cosmetics are applied, makeup control offers a series of slider-based tools to add lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and more. You can adjust the color and texture of lipstick, add virtual mascara and give your subject a range of looks with the click of a mouse.

Also new is a selfie/wide angle lens distortion correction tool--a slider-based feature designed to combat warped images taken with smartphones or wide angle lenses.

Version 15 adds a new group of skin coloring controls to intelligently correct for any lighting situation and give your subject's skin, in Anthropics' words, "a healthy, natural glow." There's a new Child Mode which allows more subtle fixes to young subjects.

Other features from earlier versions of the software have been enhanced, including the feature detector, which is now faster and more accurate, especially around the mouth.

PortraitPro Standard sells for $80, although it's launching at an introductory price of $40. You can download a free trial of the software here. Studio and Studio Max editions of the program can also be used as plugins for popular editors like Photoshop. These editions add support for RAW file editing, 48-bit TIFF support, color profiles, batch processing and more. You can get the full comparison here.