Alien Skin Releases Exposure X

December 8, 2015

By RF Staff

Alien Skin’s Exposure has grown steadily from a digital presets and textures program into a full-blown image editor and media organizer, with non destructive editing and RAW image processing.

The new Exposure X advances that evolution still further by improving file browsing: you can add ratings, flags, stars and color tags to your photos and filter images in your collection by those tags for easy retrieval. Unlike other programs, Exposure X doesn’t have a central catalog file, so there’s no need to import new images.

Exposure X also promises to be fast, from startup through browsing and editing.

Alien Skin Exposure-X-Screenshot

A new user interface—available for both the stand-alone and plug-in versions—is highly customizable, allowing you to rearrange the location of tool panels and hide ones you don’t need.

You’ll get new keyboard shortcuts along with a white balance eyedropper, temperature and tint controls in the Basic panel. All editing, developing and organizing tools are available in one central space, not individual modules, to speed up your workflow.

Noise reduction and sharpening have been added to the Detail panel, too.

Of course, there's still a large library of preset filters, or looks, so you can quickly give your images the look of portrait film, Lo-Fi cameras or autochromes.

Exposure X is available now from for $149. If you own a previous version, you can update for $99. If you own Exposure 7, you can upgrade to version X for free.