Rigs and Stabilizers to Keep Your Videos Looking Good

October 30, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Steadicam Solo  

With a name like “Solo” you can be forgiven for thinking this Steadicam is a one-trick pony, but in fact, it’s two products in one—a traditional Steadicam that can be used with an optional sled, arm and vest or a monopod that telescopes out to shoulder length. The Solo features an adjustable three-axis gimbal, weighs 4.3 pounds and supports up to 10 pounds of camera gear. You can balance the Solo in Steadicam mode at any length, so you can extend the stabilizer high over your head for difficult angles or bring it close to the ground and skim the floor.

Prices: $499 (solo), $1,195 (arm and vest kit, solo not included)

Rhino Rig Full Kit

Capable of supporting cameras from a Canon 60D up to a RED Dragon, the Rhino Rig is extremely customizable. Every joint can articulate to accommodate any shooting style or body type. The shoulder rest has three locking segments to complete the fit. The cage has two cold shoe mounts and plenty of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounts for cameras and accessories.

PRICE: $1,000

Adorama Flashpoint ZeroGrav Stabilizer 

The ZeroGrav helps balance DSLRs and lightweight cinema cameras up to 5.5 pounds using a gyroscope accelerometer, keeping your camera on an even keel, even as you dart about. The 4.2-pound gimbal is forged from carbon fiber and has a quiet, brushless motor so it won’t draw too much attention to a camera operator indoors.

PRICE: $999

Hague Camslide Micro Go 

Built for action cameras like GoPro or even lightweight mirrorless models, the Camslide Micro Go gives you a gentle, sliding tracking shot. Unlike sliders for bulkier cameras, the Micro lives up to its name—it’s 19.7 inches long and weighs 0.74 pounds with a carrying capacity of 1.8 pounds. It has rubberized feet at either end of its anodized rails to anchor it securely. 

PRICE: $98

Defy G2x 

Ideal for DSLR and mirrorless camera filmmakers, Defy’s G2x supports up to 3.5 pounds of gear with auto-tune presets to quickly balance cameras based on their weight—no software calibration required. It can be remote controlled via Bluetooth or wireless remote (sold separately). The gimbal itself weighs in at a svelte 4.5 pounds.

PRICE: $1,995

DJI Ronin-M

The Ronin-M weighs just 5 pounds but can support cameras up to 8 pounds thanks to a new magnesium frame. The M offers three shooting positions—briefcase, upright and underslung—for framing a variety of shots, plus a silent mode that reduces the sound of the motors when you need to go stealth. The M’s settings can be remotely adjusted via Bluetooth and a mobile device. The battery is good for up to 6 hours of use. When you’re done, you can twist off the top handles to shrink down the M for transport.

PRICE: $1,399

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