Well Adapted: New Chimera Space Brackets Make Lights More Versatile

June 15, 2016

By RF Staff

Chimera Lighting has introduced a new Space Bracket adapter that allows lightbanks such as the Mole-Richardson 900W and Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite to be used as key lights.

The Space Bracket adapter is available in two sizes. A Junior (model #9906) measures about 20 inches in diameter, while the larger Senior (model #9916) has a diameter of about 31 inches. Both are made of corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.


The bracketed mount is specifically designed to optimize the beam angle of both the Junior and Senior fixtures, respectively. Pricing was not announced.

In addition to the adapter, the company added two new OctaSpace lightbanks in 3-foot (model #6230) and 5-foot (model #6255) sizes. Both feature an internal coating to intensify light output and both will mount the Junior Space Bracket. The 5-foot OctaSpace will also work with the Senior Space Bracket.

Finally, Chimera is launching a new TECH Multi Bracket (model #9224) that will let you mount the company's OctaTECH lightbanks on LED panels. The Multi Bracket fits both square and horizontal panels from a variety of brands (Litepanels, Cineo, etc.). Joining the new bracket is a 5-foot OctaTECH lightbank which features internal coating to intensify light output.