Savage Universal: More than Just Backdrops [Tech Tuesday]

July 19, 2016

By RF Staff

Many photographers associate Savage Universal with their seamless papers and innovative backdrops, but this company's line extends far beyond the backgrounds and stands you need for your studio and on-location shoots. In fact, it's the company's Luminous Pro LED video light and the Savage Cobra Interview Light Kit that's caught our eye as of late.

1-ledvideolight-b3810040d9The Luminous Pro video light is highly affordable at $108, and it delivers a lot more than you'd expect for the price. Equipped with 204 LEDs, the light offers user-controlled color temperature from 3200 to 5500K. With individual temperature and dimming adjustments, you can tweak the color temperature and output strength separately.

At either end of the temperature spectrum, these lights output 1440 lumens at 1m (820 lumens at 4200K) and have a very respectable CRI (color rendering index) of 91. Bundled with a rechargeable battery, the Luminous Pro can run for up to 3 hours and has a battery level indicator so you can check on its power status. An AC option is also available.

The light has a standard shoe and 1/4 inch-20 female thread. If you need to add more lights, you can spring for the optional multi connector, which attaches to threads on any side of the LED so you can partner multiple lights and angle them for wrap-around lighting. A pack of two connectors is priced at a mere $9.

multiconnector 5-cobraledlightkit-321d278924 three lights 6-multi-light-connector-946df98bf8Although ideal for interviews, the Savage Cobra Interview LED Light Kit will serve videographers and still photographers with a full setup that is efficient and portable. The kit, which runs about $660, includes three Luminous Pro LED video lights, a trio of 7-foot drop stands, a 40-inch flexible arm (with adjustable shoe mount and a 1-pound steel counter balance weight with a locking clamp). You also get a two-pack of multi-connectors and a nice carrying case to transport everything you need.

1-cobraledlightkit-update-4c730079d8Next time you're on the Savage Universal site, be sure to explore the full product line. You'll likely be surprised with the range of products you find, and you won't break the bank gearing up for your next shoot, whether you're looking for a collapsible backdrop, a green screen or some practical lighting equipment.

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