Profoto D2 Arrives Bringing More Speed & Control

September 15, 2016

By RF Staff

Photokina hasn't officially kicked off yet, but that hasn't stopped Profoto from getting a jump on the action by announcing its new D2 flash.

profoto d2 copy

The D2 will be available in 500 and 1,000 W/s options and brings a few upgrades from the older D1. Specifically, the D2s will be faster, offer High Speed Sync using Profoto's optional AIR remote, a 20 flash-per-second continuous mode and greater power control (a 10 stop range vs. the D1's 7-stop range).

The 500 W/s version offers flash durations between 1/2600 sec. to 1/63,000 sec. while the 1000 W/s model clocks in between 1/1600 sec. to 1/50,000 sec. The 500 W D2 will offer recycling times between .03 to .6 sec. at full power while the 1000 W D2 will recycle from .03 to 1.2 sec. at full power.

Both models support TTL and wireless control using Profoto’s Air remote. The Air remote will also support HSS to 1/8000 sec. shutter speeds. There's a 300 W Halogen modeling light as well.

The 500 W/s model will retail for $1,495 and you'll pay $1,995 for the 1,000 W/s version. They're available now.

901013-Profoto-D2-1000-AirTTL-back-WEB 901012-901013-Profoto-D2-500-1000-AirTTL-front-WEB