Paul C. Buff DigiBees: Petite Studio Strobes That Won't Sting Your Bottom Line

July 20, 2016

By RF Staff

Paul C. Buff is well-known for their inexpensive, highly compact studio lights. The newest members of their product family, the DigiBees, are no exception.

These lightweight units will both weigh under 3 pounds and feature a new digital interface and a 400W-equivalent LED modeling light with four modes (on, off, flash power tracking and independent adjustment). They’ll be adjustable over a 7-stop range with a 5600K color temperature.


The lights are compatible with existing Paul C. Buff modifiers and ship with a sync cord. They can also be triggered optically. Wireless control is available using an optional CyberSync transmitter and receiver.

The DB400 is a 160 W/s flash with a 0.5 second recycle time and full power flash durations of 1/1450 (measured at t.1). It will set you back $310.

The DB800 delivers an output of 320 W/s with a 1 second recycle time and a flash duration of 1/975 (t.1). It costs $350.

Unlike most strobes, you'll have your choice of colors with the DigiBees including green, blue and black.