Nissin Launches MG10 Wireless Flash with Hand Grip

June 18, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Nissin's new MG10 flash offers a twist on a conventional speedlight: it features an integrated hand grip that can be mounted to your camera, a tripod or simply hand held.

The handle can be height adjusted and features a shutter release button plus a 1/4-20 adapter on the bottom for mounting the flash to tripods or light stands.

The MG10 is a 165 W/s flash with a zoom lead that can travel from 24-200mm (or 18mm with the included diffuser). There's an integrated 2.4Ghz radio receiver that works with the new Air 10 commander for wireless triggering and wireless control over the flash's zoom (it's also compatible with the existing Air 1 commander). The flash's zoom can be operated manually or synchronized with your camera.

Nissin MG10

The MG10 ships with this L bracket so it can be mounted to your camera via the tripod socket.

The MG10 accepts either Li-ion or eight AA batteries. You'll enjoy recycling times of 1.5 seconds at full power when using Li-ion batteries or 3.5 seconds when using eight AA batteries. There's an LED modeling light and a microSD card slot for firmware updates.

The MG10 ships with a magnesium quick release mounting “L” bracket for mounting on a camera, AA battery magazine (batteries are not included), Li-Ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder and a wide-angle diffuser.

The MG10 will retail for $600 as a standalone flash or for $700 with an Air 10 commander included. MG10s that support Nikon, Canon and Sony will ship in July. Versions of the flash that support Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm cameras will ship later this year.

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