Low Profile, Big Impact with Rotolight’s New AEOS LED

April 25, 2017

By Theano Nikitas

With NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in full swing, we expect to see lots of news out of Vegas this week. But one product that really caught my eye is the new Rotolight AEOS. Before you say, "Yeah, just another LED," check out what this light can do for both still photographers and videographers.

First, it's less than an inch thick (2 cm or 0.8 inches) and it measures a mere 11.6 inches across and weighs just a hair over 3 pounds. And while it's designed for shooting on location, the AEOS is perfect for the studio as well. Designed for maximum flexibility, the AEOS does not feature a traditional yoke, but rather features integrated aluminum handles, allowing users to freely and easily hold and angle the light in whatever way works best for the shot.

When mounted on a light stand, the ball head (which comes with the light), provides 360-degree rotation and 200 degrees of tilt.

More importantly, the AEOS is powerful and packed with features. You'll get a light output of 5,750 lux at 3 feet and, if you choose to power it with a single 95W battery, you'll get a three hour run time at 100 percent power. In addition to bi-color and flicker-free brightness adjustments (with special custom effects), the AEOS offers True Aperture Dimming. It's a real time-saver that does the math for you and displays the appropriate f-stop according to the light-to-subject distance. There are creative lighting options such as lightning and fire built in with the light's CineSFX, too.

This is what makes me want to save up some money for this light: The AEOS also functions as a High Speed Sync flash.

The AEOS comes in single or two-light kits ($999/$2060) that include the light(s), aluminum ball head, universal power adapter with regional mains cable, a filter holder, a filter pack with two diffusers, a cosmetic peach diffuser and a minus green (magenta) filter. Rotolight offers plenty of accessories, including diffusers, barn doors and a soft case.

Availability is slated for the first week in June but you can pre-order the AEOS now.

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