It's a Projector, It's a Light-Painting Tool, It's a Modifier…It's a Light Blaster! [Tech Tuesday]

September 8, 2015

By RF Staff

Part light modifier, part projector, part light-painting tool, the Light Blaster is a small, affordable device with a lot of potential in the studio or on location. Both practical and fun, the Light Blaster uses a flashgun (or studio light) and a lens to project light onto a background or directly on to your subject. A built-in holder is designed for transparencies and Gobos for creative and custom backdrops and projections.

It's really pretty simple: all you have to do is place the hot shoe flash (synced with your camera, of course) into the Light Blaster and place a lens on the front end. You can even slip a slide or metal Gobo into the holder for specialized effects.


Designed with a Canon EF mount, the site says the Light Blaster fits all Canon lenses out of the box. The company offers a Nikon adapter for a few dollars and you can always pick up a different adapter from a third party for other brand lenses.

An optional pistol grip is available for mobility when you're on location or want to move around the studio without dragging light stands from one place to another. And if you prefer using studio strobes, there's an adapter for that, too. Note that the Light Blaster is not designed for use with continuous lighting.


The Light Blaster offers several packages of slides and background effects and projections, along with metal Gobos. Do-it-yourself templates can be downloaded from the site for various software programs including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


The basic Light Blaster starts at $99 ($116 with the Nikon adapter). The Universal Studio adapter is $120; the pistol grip goes for $19. A number of creative effects, backgrounds, Gobos and pre-made slides are available starting at $17.

Although I hate to say it, winter is in fact coming, so you may want a new toy to play with in the studio or to brighten up your night shots if you live in warmer climes.