Epson Announces New 17-inch SureColor P5370 Inkjet Printer

October 25, 2023

By Theano Nikitas

© Epson

Epson’s new SureColor P5370 inkjet printer is the sixth iteration in Epson’s long line of 17-inch pro-level inkjet printers beginning with the Stylus Pro 4000 in 2004 through to the 2017 Epson SureColor P5000. (You can find my review of the P5000 here). With this printer, Epson combines the best of the SureColor P5000SE with some features of the SureColor P900 and adds additional functionality to create a new model that will appeal to a wide range of photographers—from wedding and portrait to fine art and beyond with enough power for production printing when needed.

At its core, the SureColor P5370 is the same as its predecessor with stellar features such as built-in roll support with an automatic cutter. Versatile paper handling includes a high-capacity cassette for 8” x 10” and 17” x 22” cut sheet paper and a manual straight-through feed that accepts rigid posterboard up to 1.5 mm thick. Roll feed spindles and auto cutters are replaceable.

© Epson

A new 4.5-inch color LCD touchscreen provides quick and easy access to controls and maintenance systems. The P5370 has also been updated with WiFi (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) as well as its standard Gigabit Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity.

The new model now features a MicroPiezo AMC printhead that promises reliability and even smoother transitions and excellent detail reproduction. Epson has upgraded the ink set to the 10-color UltraChrome® PRO10 inks, which adds violet ink to enhance and extend blue hues. With 200ml cartridges, the P5370 can handle long print runs without running out of ink. And with independent Photo Black and Matte Black channels, switching between the two is much more efficient and helps save black inks from being depleted too quickly.

© Epson

Also new is a special Carbon Black mode that increases black density on high gloss papers. This results in a combination of higher contrast with smoother tonal transitions—all without a separate overcoat ink.

Longevity is estimated at 200 years for color and 400 years for black and white prints. Of course, this is dependent on how the prints are displayed or stored but Epson printers have always been known for their excellent lifespan.

Bundled software includes Epson Print Layout along with the Epson Media Installer. The latter assists with using third-party media, a welcome addition to any printer. Also included is Epson® Cloud Solution PORT for monitoring the printer(s), which works through a web browser or iOS app.

All in all, these upgrades take an already solid printer with great output to the next level with added convenience and (at least on paper) prints that are a step above its predecessor.

The Epson SureColor P5370 is slated to ship in Q1 2024 for an MSRP $2,095.