Confessions of an Instant Film Fanatic: 5 Products To Look Forward To [Tech Tuesday]

October 4, 2016

By RF Staff

I admit it: I’m an instant-film addict. And although I’m hoarding my stash of old Polaroid film (and, more recently Fujifilm’s discontinued FP 100C for image transfer projects), Fuji’s instax cameras and printers have filled that immediate gratification void quite nicely. And with the launch of several new instant film products that were announced this year, it looks like I’m not alone in my love for film.

SP2-feature01_img_01Earlier this year, Fujifilm released the second iteration of its instax SHARE printer: the SP-2. Perfect for quick prints from your iOS or Android devices, this $200 portable printer is a step up from the SP-1. It’s faster, and print quality is much improved with sharper images and more vibrant colors. The app is easy to use, and you’ll find new templates and new filters for practical and creative applications. Plus, it’s great fun for making mini prints for a variety of occasions.

MONOCHROME-BRIDGE-02Instax fans will also be happy to know that Fujifilm has brought black-and-white instant prints to the fold. The new instax Mini Monochrome film is compatible with Fujifilm mini cameras and the SP-2. It’s available in a pack of 10 for about $10 and will appeal to photographers who want to stay on trend with black-and-white prints.

mini70_MICHAEL KORS_06Just in time for the holidays, Fujifilm has also partnered with fashion designer Michael Kors to create the limited-edition Michael Kors x Fujifilm instax mini 70. Its sexy, gold-colored body is branded with the Michael Kors logo (and his signature, too). This fashion-forward model (no pun intended) will be available from late October through the end of the holiday season. No official price has been released yet.

Even more exciting is the development of a square-format instax camera and film. A special teaser site promises that the camera and film will be available next spring and, like most products in development, we don’t know a whole lot about the camera or the film other than the fact that the print will measure 85 x 72mm, while the image will be produced in a perfectly square 62 x 62mm.

LEICA Mint_teaser-480x320And, finally, perhaps the icing on the cake is the new Leica SOFORT—the company's first foray into instant photography. Available in orange, white and mint, the camera offers a number of features not found in other instant cameras including presets and multiple exposures. Border frames are cream-colored and Leica promises accessories to complement the SOFORT as well. It’s compatible with ISO 800 instax film and costs $299.

It’s a great time for those of us who love instant photography, and it's the perfect opportunity to try film out for the first time. And, yes, with the holidays rapidly approaching, any one of these products will make for a wonderful gift.

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