Tech Tuesday: GoPro's Hero 3+ Cameras Preview—Newer, Faster, Smaller

October 1, 2013

By RF Staff

GoPro just updated its Black and Silver edition cameras to Hero 3+ status. Improvements for both models include smaller overall package size when contained in the underwater housings (which are waterproof to 40 meters), improved performance, better audio and a number of other updates.

pdp_image_HERO3Plus_black_cluster3Battery life on both models is now 30% longer and communication/image transfer using the GoPro App is four times faster. GoPro also promises better low light image capture.

More specifically:

The Hero 3+ Black Edition, with its housing, is 20% smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Thanks to a new lens, GoPro promises better image quality with an estimated 33% increase in image sharpness and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts. The Hero 3+ Black Edition also offers SuperView—a new, wide-angle video mode—as well as Auto Low Light, which automatically adjusts the frame rate for better low light shooting.

The Hero 3+ Silver Edition, when housed, is about 15% smaller and lighter. A 2x performance boost enables users to shoot at 1080p/60fps and 720p/120fps. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Black Edition, this slightly less expensive model also promises better low light performance, 30% increased battery life and 4x faster GoPro App connectivity, among other enhancements mentioned earlier.

At the same time, GoPro announced several new mounting options including Jaws, a flex clamp to attach the camera pretty much anything (irregular shapes, thin objects, etc). There's also a mini-version of the chest harness, the Junior Chesty, designed for kids ages 3 and older. And, a QuickClip accessory that comes with GoPro's Headstrap for mounting the camera to baseball caps, belts and other, slimmer (3mm-10mm) objects.

The cameras are available now and are priced at $400 (Black Edition) and $300 (Silver Edition).