Own a Panasonic GH4? You’ll Want to Read This

March 16, 2016

By RF Staff

Panasonic is rolling out some new firmware for its flagship mirrorless camera, the GH4, that will give the camera access to features that have appeared in a few other Panasonic cameras since the GH4's launch.

Among the new features it will unlock is Post Focus, which lets users select a focus point on images after shooting on the camera's display.

The GH4 will also gain access to Panasonic's 4K Photo Modes. A staple on recent Panasonic cameras, 4K Photo lets users isolate 8-megapixel still images from 4K video. It's available in three modes include a pre-burst, which snaps 30 frames before and 30 frames after the shutter is pressed, a 4K burst mode, which records indefinitely until you take your finger off the shutter, and finally a 4K burst start/stop mode which starts recording at the press of the shutter and stops recording with a second press of the shutter.


Finally, the camera will now support consecutive shooting with flash burst, provided the flash supports continuous emission. Supported Panasonic flashes include the DMW-FL580L, DMW-FL360L, DMW-FL500, DMW-FL360 and DMW-FL220.

Version 2.5 of the camera's firmware will be free of charge and available at the end of March at this link.

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