Now Canon and Nikon Wi-Fi Cameras Work with Eyefi’s Mobile App — No Card Required

October 9, 2015

By RF Staff

Back in the good old days, if you wanted to wirelessly transfer images to Eyefi's cloud service or smartphone app, you needed to use one of the company's wireless SD cards.

Starting earlier this year, Eyefi began branching out, allowing select Wi-Fi cameras from Olympus and GoPro to connect with the Eyefi mobile app even if the cameras didn't have an Eyefi card in them.

Now, Eyefi is dramatically expanding the number of Wi-Fi cameras that can connect to its mobile app without an Eyefi card, adding models from Canon, Nikon and Casio to the mix.


Compatible cameras include the Canon 70D and 6D and Nikon's D750, D7200 and D5500. The full list, over 50 models, is here.

Nikon and Canon models will be supported first on Eyefi's Android app with support for iPhone and iPad coming soon. Olympus and GoPro cameras are supported on both iOS and Android. With the app installed on your mobile device, you'll be able to transfer full resolution JPEG images and videos from any compatible camera.

Unlike many camera vendor mobile apps, Eyefi's app can't change a camera's settings or preview images in real time. Instead, the real value comes from the app's ability to automatically back up your images and videos to the cloud as well as your desktop. All you need to do is check a few boxes upon install and then Eyefi handles your backups automatically across multiple devices.

Eyefi's cloud service is relatively inexpensive next to services like Dropbox or Google drive. It costs $5/month for unlimited photo storage. The fee also includes space for up to 300, 15-minute videos per month.

Eyefi cloud membership is also free for a year if you spring for the $90 Mobi Pro SD card, which can also handle RAW image transfers.

Be sure to check out our How to Cut the Cord with Eyefi for a few wireless photo hacks.

The Eyefi app on an iPad.

The Eyefi app on an iPad.