WPPI News: Manfrotto Intros New Travel Bags

March 8, 2016

By RF Staff

Manfrotto is helping road warriors pack more efficiently with its new three-in-one camera backpack. It can serve as a  camera backpack, a laptop backpack and/or a daypack. It has a back side opening to keep gear protected and is roomy enough to hold a DSLR body and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (detached).

MB MA-BP-R_det05
The bag's interchangeable dividers can be customized to fit your gear precisely to your needs--they can be folded out of the way or pulled out of the bag entirely if you don't need to tot your gear.

There's a dedicated compartment for a tablet and a fold-out protector that you can install to keep bag contents dry in the rain. Depending on your tripod, you can also fit it inside the bag in its own pouch. The bag is design to fit into the overhead bin in an airplane.

It's shipping now for $160.



Manfrotto also launched a new tripod case with a thermoformed cap. It's built using water repellent material and is designed to house a tripod with a mounted head. The bag will be available in three sizes starting at $30.