Watch a Lowepro Camera Bag (and Its Delicate Contents) Survive a Serious Beatdown

May 30, 2014

By RF Staff

We knew Lowepro's X-Series AW Pro Roller bags were extremely tough and protective of delicate camera gear when we covered them in our recent "Airplane-Ready Camera Bags" round-up story. But we didn't know exactly how strong they were until we saw the below video.


The clip, which was produced by Lowepro, shows an X-Series roller bag taking a serious beating, including getting dragged along and dropped from a moving truck, thrown from a bridge, and kicked down stairs.

While the bag picked up a few nicks and scratches, it remained largely intact. Even more importantly, a bottle of champagne and champagne glasses that were stashed inside the bag also survived the abuse.

Whether a pricey camera and lenses inside the bag would have also successfully endured Lowepro's stress test remains to be seen but we think this video is a pretty good indication of the X-Series' extreme impact protection.

(Via PopPhoto)

Lowepro Field Testing from Lowepro on Vimeo.