Convertible Camera Bags Go Wherever You Want to Take Them [Tech Tuesday]

August 16, 2016

By RF Staff

If you suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome, and yes, it's a real thing) one way to cut back on the expense and dwindling storage space caused by this all-too-common affliction is to look for multi-function products like the Brevitē camera bags. Yes, we're suggesting that you might want to acquire yet another piece of gear, but at least you'll know that these bags will meet a variety of needs.

IMG_7242_DK_StraightThe company, started by three brothers from Boston, just added two new bags to its collection, bringing the total to three. In addition to the Original, you'll also find a Rucksack and a Rolltop. All three have removable padded camera inserts that fit in any of the bags. And, of course, you can remove the inserts and pack for hiking or traveling.

IMG_3132_DKMeasuring 18 x 13 x 6 inches (external), the Rucksack and Rolltop can handle a full-frame DSLR with lens attached, along with a couple of other lenses, including one up to 70-200mm. For convenience, there are two access points and the bags also have a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a rain cover and assorted storage pockets.


rucksack-front-angle_sqIt's the little details that speak loudest with these bags. For instance, those of us who tend to lose lens caps on a regular basis love the idea of having a lens cap buckle on the shoulder strap for 52mm, 58mm and 67mm lens caps. There's also a sunglass loop on the shoulder strap—another handy feature since misplacing sunglasses is probably even more common than the where did I put that lens cap? conundrum. Add a water bottle holder, compression straps for toting a tripod (or skateboard, or even skis) and memory card holders, and these bags pretty much cover it all.

rolltop-open_sqrucksack-open_sqThe new bags are slated to ship in September for $165 (Rucksack) and $185 (Rolltop), but if you pre-order by August 31, you'll get a 20 percent discount. For the full low-down on these interesting (and highly functional) bags, visit the Brevitē site.

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