WPPI 2018: Savage Universal Unveils Mid-Size Seamless & Adjustable Drop Stand

February 28, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Savage Universal's newest light stand, unveiled at WPPI 2018, is ideal for shooting in uneven terrain.

The Savage Pro Duty Drop Stand features an air cushioned sliding leg that can be extended out at a 90 degree angle from the stand to help users position it. It features three sections and a 3/8-inch stud adapter at the top. It will be sold in 7 or 10 foot sizes.

The 7-foot stand can keep 30 pounds of gear aloft. It has a minimum height of 38 inches.

The 10-foot stand can hold up to 15 pounds and has a minimum folded length of 49 inches. Pricing for either model wasn't released.

Savage is also releasing a new 86-inch wide full color seamless paper. This mid-range size will be sold in all of the colors available in the full color seamless line (65 in all) and measures in at 12 yards in length. The new seamless size is ideal for photographers who need to cram a backdrop in their car or shoot full body portraits in tight spaces.

The 86-inch seamless is expected to ship in April. Pricing wasn't announced.

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