Tech Tuesday: Ubertronix Releases High-End Remote Trigger

July 15, 2014

By Laura Brauer

Do you take pride in your quick reflexes when it comes to grabbing action shots? Think again. Ubertronix‘s latest remote trigger, the Strike Finder Touch, puts even the fastest reflexes to shame. Totally redesigned, this remote device can trigger a camera shutter in less than 1 millisecond.


In addition to standard intervalometer functionality, Ubertronix has added what it calls “event-driven” timelapse so the Strike Finder Touch can be programmed to react to sound (which has been increased to about 50 times more sensitive), high speed flashes (such as lightning or fireworks) or motion. There’s even a laser trigger (although you’ll need an external laser pointer) so anything—a tiny water droplet or an animal—that breaks the laser beam will also trigger the shutter/flash.

With its touchscreen interface, the device is easy to program with options for sensitivity, delay and number of pictures to take (from one to several thousand)  You can also determine frequency and exposure. Motion can be detected up to 30 feet away, but both option and sound sensors—which plug into the side of the device via a cable—can be moved closer to the target with extension cables.

The Strike Finder Touch is compact at 4 x 2.5 x 1 inch. It’s powered by four AAA batteries; an optional AC adapter is available as well. Prices start at $389 but it’s on sale now from $349.

Ubertronix Strike Finder Touch from Gallery Productions on Vimeo.