Tech Tuesday: Clutch and Slide Camera Straps by Peak Design

August 5, 2014

By RF Staff

Clutch and Slide might sound like a ride at a fair or amusement park, but they're actually two new camera straps from Peak Design. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, both Clutch and Slide are a little different than your typical hand strap (Clutch) and sling/shoulder/neck strap (Slide). Granted, there are more camera straps on the market than Manolos in Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection, but there are a few things about these two products that I really like.

Both use Anchor Links, a snap-in disk and small, rope-like attachment (like the kind you find on a compact camera's wrist strap) that attach to the camera and the included Arca-compatible quick release plate. The Clutch and the Slide are both well-made, easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. I plan to use the Clutch when shooting New York Fashion Week in September so I don't have to deal with a neck strap getting tangled up with my monopod.


The Slide strap can be worn across the body as a sling strap, over the shoulder or around the neck like the standard camera straps. It's made from soft webbing—sort of like car seatbelt material but softer, smoother and with comfortable padding. Some people may think it's too slippery, but the strap stays in place no matter how it's adjusted and there's a little extra grip around the shoulder pad so it doesn't slip off. After wearing it for long periods of time, there were no marks on my neck, as is common from stiffer camera straps—a big plus.

Adjusting the strap is one-handed simple and the attachment (the quick release plate and the anchor links) were sturdy enough to easily (and safely) hold pro DSLRs such as the Nikon D4S or a Nikon D810.


Peak Design's Kickstarter project is fully funded and there are 10 days left to get the special backer pricing of $30 for the Clutch and $50 for the Slide, which represents $10 each less than the anticipated retail price. Check out the company's site and other products as well as the Kickstarter page for more info.