Put Yourself in Family Photos This Year with the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger

December 24, 2013

By RF Staff

Tomorrow morning, you know how it's going to go: you and your spouse or one of your teenagers will be tag-teaming the picture-taking responsibilities, switching off documenting every Christmas moment, with someone always left out of the shot.

This year, treat yourself with a professional family photo that you're all actually in—with The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger.


Introduced earlier this year, and named an Object by Desire by our sister publication PDN in June; it's perfect for the holidays because it allows you to trigger your camera remotely with your iOS or Android device. It's small black body attaches to the hot shoe of most Canon DSLRs, and then "In 'regular shot' mode, your iPhone 4S/5 becomes a simple remote trigger, allowing you to get into group shots," writes Jesse Will.

Other modes allow for blurs, trails and time-lapse features.

The device is only $45 and the app is free!

Happy holidays from us to you!