Add Light Leaks and Color Effects with Fotodiox’s New ArtFX ColorFlare Adapters

April 25, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

If there's one piece of wisdom photographers hear often it's the importance of "getting it right in camera." That advice is a bit more complicated when it comes to creative effects, since creating those in camera can get tricky, but Fotodiox's new ArtFX ColorFlare lens adapters look to it make it easier.

The adapters, available in Canon EF-to-Micro Four Thirds and Canon EF-to-Sony E-Mount cameras, feature a partially transparent ring that allows light to enter the adapter and create what Fotodiox describes as "natural organic light leak effects under nearly any lighting conditions."

The effects range from a total blowout to a thin slice of lens flare, depending on the orientation of the light source and distance to the adapter. You control the flare by covering the light through the holes in the adapter ring and can use an external light (pen light, flashlight) for more control.

There are orange, red, green, blue, purple ColorTint rings plus six black silicone masks (3 with holes, 3 without holes). The ColorTint rings slide onto the transparent portion of the adapter and help tint the light flare effect in your image to the chosen color. The black silicone masks slip over the transparent portion of the adapter or the ColorTint ring to direct and control the amount of flare in your image.

When using the ArtFX adapters, your lens will lose electronic contact with your camera body, so functions that rely on that contact (autofocusing, image stabilization, etc.) won't work.

The adapters are available now for $100.