October 8, 2010

By RF Staff

Change is something people believe in (witness the election of our current President). Change is also something that scares people. And it scares them a lot. Over the last five years the photography industry has changed with more and more new people becoming professionals. I heard a stat the other day that 100,000 new “pros” came into the market in the last two years. That’s unreal! But it makes sense with our current economy, and with more and more people out of work they’ve turned to photography to make a living.

Here’s my point, why is everyone so up in arms about all the “newbies?” As an industry we’ve never seen such growth, yet there’s so much negativity out there. Weren’t all those pros newbies at one point? Weren’t you? There seem to be a lot of blogs and tweets these days damning the new generation of photographers. It always amazes me because so many of these negative posts come from anonymous sources. If we read these things and actually took them seriously, well, the world would have ended and we would all be dust by now. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new generation. One that grew up in the digital age, one that is much more different from the preceding generations. The bottom line is, now more than ever, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition because there are so many more competitors. Worry about how your business is going to grow, and less about what the new photographer down the street is doing. Be you. Questions? Comments? email me at:

George Varanakis
Group Publisher & Executive Vice President