Photogenic Introduces New PowerLight

April 15, 2011

By RF Staff

Photogenic Professional Lighting ( has announced the new PL625DR/PL625DRC Powerlight monolights. The PL625DR has a six f-stop flash output range from 7.8 to 250 watt-seconds. The PL625DRC has all of the same features of the PL625DR and also includes a UV-coated flash tube. At full power it has a short 1/2000 second flash duration. Tight control of the flash output is accomplished through Photogenic’s digital circuitry, which allows for precise adjustments in 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop increments. The
250-watt modeling lamp can be controlled to any output level necessary—Full, Proportional, Manual or Off. The flash tube is protected by Pyrex glass and is user-replaceable. The PLR625DR will work with any PocketWizard transmitter and can trigger the light from a distance of up to 1600 feet. Both units feature a quick 1.25-second recycle time.