Photo Finish: Polly Chandler Illuminating Subjects

April 1, 2012

By RF Staff

There’s a fine line between seeing “technique” in a photo, and making a photo that can surpass the tools of the trade to become an honest and powerful image. Polly Chandler possesses the ability to create photographic metaphors that are not only beautiful, but thought-provoking. If dreams could be photographed, she would be behind the camera shooting them—making movie stills of the mind brought to you via Polaroid type 55 film.

This work is in stark contrast to what Chandler used to produce in her former role as staff photographer for the Texas House of Representatives. With her personal work—somnambulistic images that are at once dependent on the tilts and shifts of the 4 x 5 camera she uses—Chandler incorporates a cinematic style to produce tactile dreams on paper that command my attention and pique my curiosity. See more of her creations at

Each month David Carol will highlight work from a photographer who shoots for love, passion and personal expression.

David J. Carol is the director of photography at CBS Outdoor. His photographs and award-winning photography books are in the collections of major museums and institutions throughout the United States. He is a portfolio reviewer for ASMP and Palm Springs Photo Festival, and judges photo contests for Rangefinder and PDN, among others. Contact him at or go to his Web site: