Photo Finish: Paris Visone’s Personal Vision

February 1, 2012

By RF Staff

Every month, Photo Finish will focus on the non-commercial side of professional photographers and the work they shoot for love, passion and personal expression.

First up is Paris Visone, whose work I stumbled upon online—behind-the-scenes photos done on tour with the iconic 80s band Blondie and its singer Deborah Harry. After awhile, I began to wonder just who this Paris Visone was. At first I thought the name was some fabricated, ironic hipster moniker but turns out the name is real, and the person is even “realer.”

What makes Visone Photo Finish-worthy, so much so that she is kicking off the inaugural column, is her intimate work from an ongoing personal project photographing her friends and family. These images are full of humor, mystery and honesty, and are taken simply for the sake of taking pictures, which is what this column is all about!

“I started off wanting to photograph ‘famous people,’ Visone says. “My family and friends were supposed to be a temporary sidetrack. Years later I realized I was already photographing the most interesting and courageous people of all time—the people who have to put up with me.”
David J. Carol is the Director of Photography at CBS Outdoor. His images are in the collections of major museums and institutions throughout the U.S. He is a portfolio reviewer for ASMP and Palm Springs Photo Festival, and judges photo contests for Rangefinder and PDN, among others. Contact him at