Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Photographers

April 20, 2011

By RF Staff

Rather than focusing on the gear needed to use off-camera flash, this specialized resource hones in on the techniques needed—addressing photographers’ most common questions and providing practical examples of off-camera flash used on real assignments. Professional photographers and advanced amateurs alike will find a range of confidence-building instruction in this book. It begins with the basic how’s and why’s of lighting for creative effect and moves on to the types of equipment available and instruction about their proper use. It gives clear definitions of various technical concepts such as managing shutter speed and controlling flash exposure, using ambient light as well as natural sunlight during a shoot and incorporating off-camera flash into a portrait session. Concluding this lesson plan is a look at five different real-life photo sessions, each employing a different flash technique. Here, photographers get a deeper understanding of each concept put into practice, marrying the elements of lighting with the natural elements presented by the shoot.