David Carol’s Favorite Things

December 10, 2012

By RF Staff

My Favorite Photo

Photo by David J. Carol

I am a photographer above anything else, so if I’m going to honestly list my favorite things of the year I must include my own favorite photo. It was a tough choice between five or six, but in the end I went with this photo that I took on a back road in Maine this past summer. It exemplifies what interests me when I’m alone on a road trip. I’m not convinced it’s my absolute favorite (I never really have one favorite at any given time), but it’s definitely one of my top contenders for 2012. 

My Favorite Photographers

Photos by Mathieu Young

I met Mathieu Young while reviewing his portfolio at PhotoPlus Expo in 2011. Young uses lighting in unique and original ways to focus our attention and draw us deeper into his images. He has told me that he attempts to blend his experience with commercial production and his training as a photojournalist to make “produced situations” feel real and real situations feel heightened. His work has been in Time, Rolling Stone and on CNN. (

Photos by Jessica Lehrman

I was introduced to Jessica Lehrman’s work by photographer Paris Visone earlier this year. Lehrman’s images are about presenting people in a truthful way. From fans and musicians at large music festivals to the Occupy Wall Street protesters in downtown Manhattan, she gets us personally involved through her photos. Says Lehrman: “I just shoot because I’d die if I didn’t. I hope people see me as someone they can trust to shoot their family, as someone that can fit in with rappers and grandmas, religious fanatics and hipsters...
I love people, I really do.” Her work has been published by Rolling Stone, Spin and Billboard. (

It’s a joy for me to see these two bright, young stars establishing long, solid foundations in the world of photography. 

My Favorite Photo Blogs

Lenscratch ( is a great place to see photographs, interviews and the writings of Aline Smithson. 

Says Smithson: “When I created Lenscratch six years ago, it was simply to learn about fine art and documentary photographers in a significant way. Writing daily about photography and photographers has enriched my life in so many ways. I’ve connected with hundreds of photographers, taken the time to understand their intentions and viewpoints and provided exposure they might not get elsewhere. I also create opportunities for exhibition, giving emerging image-makers a chance to stand next to established photographers. One of the best rewards is that the exposure on Lenscratch often leads to exposure elsewhere—it makes me feel like I am giving back to a community that has been so good to me.” 

My Favorite Wedding Images

Photo © Brooke Fitt/Brookelyn Photography

Photo © Shannen Norman

Photo © Rad + In Love

Photo © Josh Goleman

Photo © Gary Ashley 

The Wedding Artists Collective is a one-stop shop for all wedding needs. Great photographers, creative designers, video...pretty much everything you need to “capture” a wedding! 

I asked founder and manager Lisa Raffo Ashley to describe what the group is all about. “The Wedding Artists Collective is based New York and Southern California, with a focus on photography,” Raffo explains. “We also offer filmmaking by the insanely talented duo, The Cana Family, floral design by Brooklyn based artist Ariel Dearie, and custom invitation design by Ice Cream Social. If you can’t tell, we’re huge fans of natural light, all things vintage, gorgeous design and most of all, people in LOVE.” 

All Photos Courtesy The Wedding Artists Collective

My Favorite Products

The Sony NEX-7 is cool! Yes, it’s a great camera, everything you need, all the bells and whistles. But that’s not why I chose it as a favorite. I love it because it feels like a real camera, solid and intuitive. It takes the wonderful Sony lenses, but it also takes Carl Zeiss lenses too! At the end of the day, I want a camera that I feel connected to, not just a hand held camera/computer. The Sony NEX-7 is that camera. I love it! 

The Canon PowerShot 20D underwater camera is awesome. For the last few years, I have carried around a little digital point-and-shoot inside an underwater housing. It’s fine, does the job, but it’s bulky and I’m always worried it might leak. Canon to the rescue! Earlier this year, I was on the beach in Mexico when I saw a kid playing with a little blue camera. I asked her parents what kind of camera it was—and I’ll tell you what it was: the solution to my problem. I got back to New York City and bought one right away, including the accessories pack. This little baby is awesome; it even comes with a bubble type deal that you attach to the camera to make it float. Just throw it in the pool and let the kids have fun with it. Canon PowerShot 20D—problem solved! 

Quantum has come out with another winner—the Omicron 3 LED Ring Light is just what the doctor ordered. It operates in constant “on” mode for shooting video segments and switches seamlessly to flash mode for capturing still. You can even get full TTL with Canon or Nikon by using the Quantum CoPilot. This portable ring light is an obvious choice for wedding portraits, head shots or any job where you want a small piece of equipment that carries a big punch