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Creating a Feeling of Nostalgia [Rf Photo of the Day]

September 2, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © Forged in the North

Photo © Forged in the North

Captured by Ryan and Heidi Browne of Forged in the North photography (Rf 30 Rising Stars from 2015), this couple's portrait was taken from an elopement in the Scottish Highlands. "It has such a strong emotion of nostalgia for us," the Brooklyn photography duo says.

Both former architects, Ryan and Heidi say that when they shoot weddings or elopements, it's not just "the sense of place" that gets ingrained in their memories, but also the interactions with the couples. "When you are with another couple for an entire day in such an intimate way," they says, "it feels like years of friendship being crammed into just a dozen hours. By the end of it, you're connected to the couple and the place in a way that only other wedding photographers will understand."

(Shot using a Canon 6D with a 45mm TS-E lens.)

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