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Lost in Translation: An Apology to Shoot & Share Photographers

October 3, 2013

By RF Staff

Remember those first articles I wrote way back when I started a year ago? The ones where I promised to be open, honest and transparent? Well, this one of those days I was hoping I wouldn’t have; I messed up. Although my intentions were good, sometimes things get lost in translation.

One of my tasks is to write a column article for Rangefinder. I’ve tried to keep these informative and fun, as with everything else I wish I had a week to write to these, but often I have hours.

In my October article, “The other side of the camera,” I discussed the experience of working with a photographer to get my family portrait done. I also discuss what it was like to work with a Shoot & Share photographer. In my article, I wax poetic about good times, and bad, and in the process of keeping it on the lighter side I mis-represented what the Shoot & Share group stands for. So in an effort to remain totally transparent, I’m writing this post to admit I wasn’t thorough, and I need to do a better job checking the facts.

Thankfully, I have all of my articles edited by the RF team, and I’ll admit they do a great job of editing my writing. Sometimes my articles need a lot of work, and in an effort of keeping my article on the lighter side, some of my points hit the chopping block. Of course, making sure the facts remain is still my job, and that’s where I messed up.

That being said, I’m officially apologizing to the Shoot & Share group for inadvertently connecting them to “shoot to burn.” It clearly states this on their about page:

Is Shoot & Share the same as Shoot to Burn?

No way. Shoot to Burn leaves the client hanging out to dry. A Shoot & Share photographer provides a complete service to the client throughout the entire process.

I’m really excited that WPPI will be featuring many Shoot & Share photographers this year, and obviously I have more to learn which is the point I was trying to make in my article. I’ll be going into further detail in my next RF column piece next month, I hope you’ll join me on the ride! We are a passionate group, things will get lost in translation, but thankfully we grow together, and quickly forgive. :)