Gear Up: The Latest Photography Gadgets of the Month

by Libby Peterson

June 11, 2014

Fiilex's New Q500 LED Light
The LED lighting manufacturer Fiilex, which serves the photography, video and broadcast industries, has launched a new LED light to headline its latest Quasar collection. The much-anticipated Q500 LED light uses Fiilex’s patented Dense Matrix LED array by packing a large amount of LED chips into a tightly arranged pattern, which makes for a very bright light with pointed illumination. 

This light is Fiilex’s first to have a built-in DMX control panel, with an LCD that displays 512 addresses, a connection through the Q500’s two XLR ports and RJ45 ports, plus the ability to adjust light intensity, hue and color temperature. The Q500, which comes with a magnetic accessory mount that’s compatible with other Fiilex accessories, can be tuned between 2,700 and 6,500K. Dimmable from 100 to 7 percent, it has an adjustable beam angle of 27 to 50 degrees with the included 5-inch Fresnel lens and barn doors.

Price: $2,495

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Luxi: A Clip-On Incident Light Meter For the iPhone
Wedding and portrait photographers know that good lighting is every shooter’s best ally, but when tricky lighting situations inevitably come around, sometimes a DSLR’s built-in light meter just doesn’t cut it. The camera and smartphone accessory company Photojojo released Luxi, a small iPhone-attachable light meter designed to gauge accurate and esthetic incident lighting. While DSLR cameras are built with internal light meters, they only project readings based on reflected light from an entire scene, meaning that photos taken of a scene with unusual or sensitive lighting circumstances—such as sunsets—will likely come out over or underexposed. 

Luxi aims to solve that problem by measuring the level of brightness hitting the subject before it is reflected with a smartphone that photographers will likely have in their pockets anyway. Working in tandem with the Luxi app (which is free), the small diffusion dome that fits over the iPhone’s camera functions just like a professional incident light meter by capturing all of the light from a 180-degree angle. The clip-on gizmo works with any iPhone 5 or 5s, and at an affordable price, photographers may want
to consider the option over pricier light meters on the market.

Price: $30

Kubota Image Tools Releases Workflow Tutorial For Lightroom 5
Award-winning workflow trainer Kevin Kubota of Kubota Image Tools has created a complete workflow system for Lightroom 5 for any photographer familiar, acquainted or unfamiliar with its inner workings. Broken down into easy-to-follow sections, the five-hour tutorial digs into organizing and backing up files, creating custom presets, making basic and advanced adjustments, printing, publishing and more, all to help shooters work quickly and more efficiently in the program. The workflow tutorial also includes the Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection, which comes packed with 100 multi-functional presets. Purchasing the Lightroom 5 tutorial will trigger an automatic email with links to stream or download the chapters, and those who have already bought a Kubota Lightroom tutorial will get a discount.

Price: $99 (first-time users); $50 (previous users)

Sunpak's Quick-Release Tripod
Fast-paced photographers on the lookout for gear that works as quickly as they do will be particularly delighted by the release of Sunpak’s UltraPro 423 tripod. This lightweight, eight-layer carbon fiber contraption is not only perfectly portable, the instant-locking pistol grip ball head, which acts with a quick squeeze-and-release mechanism, also makes it one of the fastest performing tripods on the market. The UltraPro 423 has reversible folding legs, making for an even more compact piece of equipment, and the legs can be locked into place with user-adjustable flip-lever leg locks that accommodate three different level settings. An additional short anti-rotation center column makes for a simplified experience taking photos from lower angles, and with 360-degree rotation, the UltraPro 423 is also ideal for taking video with panning movements.

Price: $149.95

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