Photoflex XS OctoDome

April 01, 2011 — New from Photoflex is their XS OctoDome nxt basic light kit. The kit includes the brand new Photoflex extra small Octagon shaped softbox designed for use with portable flashes, strobes or continuous light sources. This softbox is made for small spaces, or for on-location photography when you need a highly efficient yet compact light setup. The OctoDome nxt is made with heavy-duty proprietary heat-resistant Brimstone™ fabric and can be used with lamps up to 500 watts.

This unique eight-sided shape and narrow 18-in. profile diameter with a 9-in. depth provides a 105-degree light spread a wider angle than most traditional softboxes. The back closure flaps fit securely around your portable flash eliminating light spill out of the rear, resulting in maximum output from your light source through the front. Velcro is used to install the removable baffle and face onto the front of the softbox with a 2-in. recess. The removable baffle is designed to refract the interior light, resulting in an even smoother, consistent and natural looking light on your subject. You can use the OctoDome without the face or baffle to produce a broad, high-contrast light, or use both for very soft and diffused light. 

Included with the kit is the Photoflex medium weight 8-foot LiteStand LS-B2214, a newly redesigned adjustable shoe-mount AC-B222SM with two shoe-mounts, in case you wanted to add a radio trigger or an additional flash to your setup. Also included is a Photoflex Heavy Duty LiteStand adapter AC-ALSWMTB used to attach lights, strobes, or umbrellas to your light stand and the basic OctoDome strobe connector SC-B900SC. Street Price: $138.

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